Welcome to the new TPO site!

We’re super excited to have just launched a new online experience for anyone who visits our site! We’ve been hard at work for the past few months creating this masterpiece. With the new site launch, it will now be easier than ever for you to book your camping & paddling trips online & get the full details of what we’re about & what’s going on here at TPO!

A few things our new site offers:

Improved Speeds & Appearance

Our old site was getting, well, old… a little clunky & boring. While there may still be some kinks to work out in the next few days, we’re confident that you will experience much faster load times & have a lot more content to check out to get the information you need about us before your visit, or whenever you miss us!

Mobile Friendliness

We’re SUPER excited for this one! We all use our phones for just about anything & we want to give you that option. If you had trouble with the functionality of our previous mobile site, worry no more! You can now easily make your reservations & browse our site while from bed, while you’re in the passenger seat, in our campground, and absolutely anywhere you want! Our site is now very mobile friendly & offers just as great of an experience on your iPhone as your desktop.

Shop for Swag

Aside from reserving your boats & campsites for your upcoming trip here on our site, you can now shop our apparel & in-store merchandise online anytime! We have lots of awesome new products listed so be sure to check it all out here ASAP & get your TPO gear before Summer rolls around!

Thanks for checking out the new site! We hope you like the changes & updates & we can’t wait to see you IN PERSON at TPO this season!